10 Way Scarf

There are strategically placed snaps at the top and bottom edges of the 10-way scarf which are used to create the different styles.
candid clothing sustainable fashion ethical fashion convertible scarf
candid clothing convertible scarf sustainable fashion ethical fashion

1. Drape Dress

  • Fasten F2 & M1 to create one armhole
  • Fasten F1 & M2 to create the second armhole
  • Put on dress & push arms through the armholes
  • Tie belt around the waist
  • Adjust neckline, armhole, and belt according to your preference

2. Cardigan

  • Connect F1 & M3
  • Pick-up the top edge of the #10WayScarf and drape over your back
  • Insert arms through armholes at the bottom edge

3. Vest

  • Follow instructions for the Cardigan (no. 2)
  • Once wearing as a Cardigan, pull at the top edge until arms are no longer covered by fabric
  • Drape the fabric on your neck

4. Long Scarf

  • Create a big loop by holding the top and bottom edge together
  • Place loop around neck

5. Double Loop Scarf

  • Follow instructions for Long Scarf (no. 4)
  • Twist the loop until to create an 8-shape
  • Insert your head through the second loop

6. Asymmetrical Scarf

  • Follow instructions for Double Loop Scarf (no. 5)
  • Pull on the bottom loop until bottom is longer than the top

7. Triple Loop Scarf

  • Follow instructions for Asymmetrical Scarf (no. 6)
  • Twist the bottom loop to create an 8-shape
  • Insert your head through the bottom loop

8. Maxi Skirt

  • Put your feet inside the loop of fabric and pull the top edge until your waist
  • Stand in between M1 & F1
  • Fold M2 & F2 towards the center
  • Optional: Tie the belt around the waist to hold it up

Note: To avoid any fashion mishaps, Maxi Skirt style should be used as a cover up at the beach/pool. Not for everyday use.

9. Knee-length Skirt

  • Flip the scarf inside out so that the wrong side is out
  • Put your feet inside the loop of fabric and pull the top edge until your shoulder (drape on your shoulder for ease of use)
  • Tie the belt around your waist or the middle of the fabric
  • Undrape the top edge and let it fall until it meets the bottom edge
  • Adjust skirt if necessary

10. Cape

  • Flip the scarf so that the bottom edge is on top
  • Fasten F3 & M3 (neck hole)
  • Fasten F2 & M1 (armhole 1)
  • Fasten F1 & M2 (armhole 2)
  • Wear the scarf like you would with a shirt
  • Insert your head through the neck hole
  • Push excess fabric to the back
  • Insert your hands through the armholes