Taking Action: Recycling & Reusing Online Shopping Waste

Online shopping has become a convenient option for many of us. For many of us at Candid, snatching a good deal on big online sales is something we look forward to, mainly for the savings and convenience it offers. The joy that comes with unboxing quickly fades into guilt after seeing all the packaging waste.

Last May 5, we asked our followers on Instagram and Facebook about what they do with all the packaging waste. Many have responded with answers that are very actionable and we thought we'd share them here so that you can take action too.

Before we get down to the details, we want to address that not all businesses have the capacity to switch to plastic-free or sustainable shipping solutions. So while we support and love businesses that do offer these solutions, it's also just as important to communicate with other businesses that don't in order to inform them, and hopefully, see action from them.

Below is a "guide" comprised of the answers we received from our customers. We thank everyone who shared their solutions with us!

Solution 1: Send your packaging waste to recycling organizations


Wha do they recycle? Link

 The Plastic Flamingo


PET, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, Eco Bricks, and more.


Green Antz

Plastic containers and tubs, HDPE (shampoo and detergent bottles), plastic bags, sachets, snack packs, plastic utensils, plastic cups, and PET bottles. Instagram


Solution 2: Re-Use at Home/Work

Many of you said you re-use the packaging materials for your own use at home or at work. You use scratch paper to line work spaces. Scrap plastic is used to package your own personal deliveries or even to use in DIY projects. 

Solution 3: Segregate and Donate

Other suggestions include segregating the waste to donate or sell to junk shops. While others have recommended donating it to businesses who can reuse them again for their packaging.


If you have more ideas, leave us a DM on Instagram or Facebook. We'd love to keep this as updated as possible.

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